1 Introduction

This book will help you set up your development stations, install your development kit software, and begin writing GEOS applications quickly. It is more than a simple tutorial for using the tools; it takes you step-by-step through a GEOS application from the very basics through using multiple files and displays.

Who Should Read This Tutorial?

Nearly everyone. Anyone who hasn’t programmed for GEOS before should follow all the steps in this manual, from hardware setup right through the end. This is not only for new programmers, but for all programmers; GEOS is almost certainly different from any other system you’ve ever programmed, and if you dive right in you’re likely to be overwhelmed.

What Will You Learn From This Tutorial?

You’ll set up your hardware, and you’ll install your software. Then, you’ll learn how GEOS applications are structured, and you’ll program an application that uses many of the user interface and object-oriented features of GEOS.

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